Introducing QuikCal

Quickly digitize your jobsite delivery whiteboard using QuikCal's cutting-edge AI technology. Simply text a picture of your whiteboard and our system ​seamlessly uses image recognition and language processing AI to add deliveries from your whiteboard to Google Calendar.

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Project Management In 3 Steps



At your convenience, take a picture with your cellphone and text it to our system.


Cloud Processing

The AI will ask you for any missing information through SMS messaging.


Digital Calendar

Finally, view your upcoming jobsite delivery schedules on Google Calendar. 

How It Works

Send multiple photos per day and QuikCal automatically updates the calendar with changes to your whiteboard

AI confirms all information including delivery times, locations, and dates through text messages.

Compatible with any phone platform, even without an internet connection. No app needed!

Continue using your existing jobsite whiteboard to keep track of contracto​rs' delivery schedules

When you create a new project, a new phone number will be generated for the duration of the project

Easily share each Google Calendar with an unlimited number of site managers, coworkers, and contractors

Manage multiple construction projects from one place using our dashboard

Manage Your Jobsite

Our simple interface lets you seamlessly create and manage calendars for your projects. Anyone with the project's phone number can send in pictures of the delivery whiteboard to be viewed and archived on a digital calendar.

Duke University Engineering Design Finalists

Through Duke EGR 101 and EGR 102 engineering design classes, a small team of Duke students developed custom web/mobile app for SKANSKA Construction Company to schedule deliveries of building materials to construction job sites.

Our original presentation combined an online calendar with a “textbot” chat assistant to make scheduling a delivery or checking a delivery schedule accessible for contractors who don’t have access to, or are unfamiliar with web apps. Our solution can be managed using a web application to allow contractors and site administrators to view and update the job calendar.

We became Finalists in Pratt School of Engineering 2022 Student Design Fair and have since piloted our project at three independant active SKANSKA jobsites.

Our Team

Ken Kalin


Ken majors in ECE/CS at Duke University and works on the Hardware Design team at Acoustic Wells, an IoT startup in Boston He is a founding member of QuikCal and has worked on the project since 2021. 

Del Cudjoe


Studies ECE/CS at Duke University with interests in software engineering. Del is a founding member of QuikCal and works on Full Stack Web Development and database management. 

Alec Liu


Alec studies ECE/CS at Duke University and worked in SWE and DevOps at Ford Motor Company. Alec works on Quikcal's cutting edge image recognition technology.